Toyota once again tops U.S. auto reliability survey, Buick surprises

Two Toyota Motor brands once again led the yearly dependability study from Consumer Reports magazine, and General Motors Buick was the very first American brand name during a minimum of 35 years to crack the leading three, the Consumer magazine stated on Monday.

It was the fourth straight year that Lexus and Toyota completed in the two leading spots, and they have had an exceptional performance as Consumer Reports started tracking brand reliability during 1980s.

Buick, a “near-luxury” brand name, succeeds in the study due to the fact that it has few designs and none of the pickup trucks or truck-based SUVs that injure the rankings of General Motors stablemates Chevrolet and Cadillac, stated Jake Fisher, director of vehicle testing for Consumer Reports.

Asian automakers still dominate for reliability, with 7 of 8 brands deemed “more reliable” based in Japan or South Korea. Volkswagen‘s high-end Audi was the only German maker amongst the eight “more reliable” brands.

In the past years, each brands in Consumer Reports and other third-party surveys have had enhancements in reliability, particularly the major U.S. automakers General Motors, Ford Motor and Fiat Chrysler.

Beneficial outcomes do not constantly indicate better sales. Still, numerous U.S. consumers use the rankings as an essential criteria before purchasing. The top-selling designs from each for the three significant U.S. brands are pickup trucks, which fare inadequately in reliability studies.

Fisher told big pickup’ drive systems are more complicated and raise consumer issues, and “these trucks are now sold with far more power equipment and in-car electronic devices, so there are many more things to fail.” Toyota’s Tundra was ranked the leading full-size pickup truck by a big margin.

The fourth U.S. automaker, Tesla Motors Inc, found its spot at No. 25. Consumer Reports suggested the Tesla Model S but the “Model X SUV has been plagued” with faults, “including its complex Falcon-wing doors”.

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