Toyota rumored to be developing a four-door FT-86

Even though this one appears to be absolutely impossible yet the news is that an anonymous source right from Japan has hinted about Toyota and Subaru in a joint venture is coming out with a four door rear drive coupe version known as the FT 86. Toyota and Subaru are known for their front and all wheel drive car systems. This as yet fictitious FT86 contradicts this policy but does make sense if looked at the economy of scale perspective.

With the rear wheel drive layout, possibility of accommodating two extra doors is a difficult engineering work. However sales of the car if ever it be made possible for four doors would be greatly increased as consumers of low-to-mid-range vehicles tend to opt for front-drive vehicles.

Either Toyota or Subaru coming out with a rear wheel drive sports sedan is indeed a very interesting thought. This would turn the sleepy Toyota into a dynamic face and also give Subaru fans an option of a car that is more fuel efficient while being less costly than the US all wheel drive version which is the only option that the consumers there have at present.

The car if it ever comes into being is expected to have a 3.6 liter H6 engine which is made by Subaru Outback. In this speculation too there is the improbability factor due to space constraint. The car with these additions and set ups would be priced at a point that will make the sedan beyond the reach of most of its aspirants. It would therefore turn out to be an entry level luxury car. It would therefore also go into being designed like the Lexus models which is just one weirder guess.

The final conclusion to speculation would be that this car would not be available before 2013 and if it ever does then also it would be in a FT86 coupe version.

Source: motorauthority

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