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McLaren set to introduce 5 new models in as many years

McLaren has been giving the automotive world cars of variety and variation all along. Their plans also indicate a continuation of this process for the future which extends till a half-decade. However they have now applied a certain structure to their variations or models to come.

We have the MP4-12 C model due by next year to hit the market in a limited number of 1000 units. By supercar standards that is a very small number. We are aware of the 1248 units already sold of the Ferrari 458 Italia.

There is the rumored $100,000 sports car that remains as one of the most closely guarded secretive future of McLaren. This one is set to compete with the Porsche 911 and likewise the MP4-12C is to give the Porsche 911 GT2 and Ferrari 458 Italia a run for their money.

Wide speculation thereafter engulfs the rest of the McLaren car of the future line up. There is rumor rife about the $100,000 car as well as the MP4-12C. There could be a possibility of a lightweight variant of the MP4-12C. A soft top variant of the MP4-12C is just one other strong possibility. There is however no possibility of a Cayenne like SUV as it has been the policy of McLaren to limit their production to sports cars only.

McLaren has given us expectations with their MP4-12C that makes the future of their makes an event to be waited for anxiously.

Source: motorauthority

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