Video: Audi R8 Twin-Turbo by Heffner Performance

Audi R8 Twin-TurboFlorida based, Heffner Performance is well known for their turbo modifications to exotic cars such as Ford GT, Dodge Viper and several Lamborghinis.

Their latest project is based on the regular 4.2-liter Audi R8, that in stock condition packs 420 horsepower.

Heffner Perofrmance has released a short teaser video of the R8 Twin-Turbo on the dyno. Performance numbers are impressive, dyno sheet shows 536 rwhp, whis is over 50% more than on the stock R8.

Until we get more details about this R8 Twin-Turbo, enjoy the awesome twin-turbo sound below in the teaser video.

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