Vygor Announced its New Sport and Luxury Car: Teaser Photo and Details

Lately we have seen many newcomers in the world of carmakers including the Eterniti Motors, a London based manufacturer that unveiled its Hemera at 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. We have also seen the Concept One supercar, created by the Croatians at Rimac, while the Polish from Arrinera Automotive prepares their De Veno Arrinera prototype.

Well, it seem that a new brand want to join them, at least according to Carsession who claims that a few moments ago they received some information regarding a new low-volume sports car, probably even a one-off model created by a company in Italy called Vygor.

This announcement is accompanied by the one teaser-like image available with the Vygor’s ‘new sport and luxury car’ (pictured above). The Vygor claims that this car will be unveiled on October 10th 2011, at 10 am, so stay tuned for details and more photos.

The company’s initial statements say that this new creation is “an emotional car, like a windblow in the
skin, like a thrill of sudden pleasure which takes your breath away…and unleashes emotions…” “the emotion to hear the thunder of the engine which is pure adrenalin, aggressive and biting as you have always dreamt but also mild as silk…the emotion of touching a panther…the emotion of taming the power…”

Source: Carsession

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