Washington police officer dragged 30 feet by a car

Burlington, Washington

On Saturday afternoon, a Washington police officer was dragged about 30 feet while he was trying to arrest a woman who had multiple warrants.

At around 12 p.m., a Burlington Police officer got in touch with a 29-year-old woman driving a pickup truck. The woman had multiple warrants for her arrest.

When the officer tried to take the woman into custody, he was dragged away by her truck. She dragged the officer on the ground behind, for about 30 feet.

More police responded and tried to help the officer. They tried to stop the truck, which then continued to speed up, then ran a red light and hit another car which had two passengers inside.

As officers went to help those passengers, the suspect fled in the truck.

One passenger, a 78-year-old woman, and the 31-year-old officer who was dragged by the truck were shifted to Skagit Valley Hospital.

The suspect in the case is still at large, and officers are searching for her truck. The vehicle is a black 1996 Dodge pickup truck with chrome rims and small orange lights across the cab. The Washington license plate is C30214F. Anyone with information can contact the Burlington Police Department.

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