Wheelsandmore Tuned Aston Martin DBS Carbon

The very well known German tuner Wheelsandmore have tuned in a Aston Martin, this time, to which they refer as Aston Martin DBS Carbon Edition.

Actually the car itself is a sign of Precision, that every tuner would find it difficult as to what he/she should modify, like here in this case, the tuner faced the same situation, but ultimately they tweaked a few things here and there to make the car even more desirable.

They began with the wheels, the tuners fitted the DBS Carbon with a set of new 21-inch wheels finished in black exterior color scheme, where one also gets to see the red outer lip and red brake calipers, the wheels are wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P, 265/30 front, 325/25 rear tires. Among other changes, it includes a F1-sport air filter and a new sport exhaust system with high performance catalysts and valve system, which all together helps the DBS to produce a total output of 557 horsepower and 660 Nm of torque, instead of the standard 520 hp and 570 Nm.

Details are limited for the moment, but stay tuned and take a look at the pictures of the DBS Carbon Edition on Speedlux.

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