Which Drivers Are a Danger On the Road?

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Driving on British roads can be a dangerous business but there are some surprising stats about accidents you might not be aware of. According to recent research, Halifax is an accident hotspot and guys with the name John are more likely to be involved. And it may be less about road conditions than the time of year you’re travelling.

The stats are outlined in research and a new infographic by law outfit Your Legal Friend. Here’s a quick breakdown of what they found from trawling through their own accident files:

  • If you thought women were the worst drivers, you really need to think again. 70% of drivers who cause an accident on the road are actually male.
  • Your 30s are the most dangerous time to be out in your car. If you’re 30 years old you are more likely to cause an accident. And if you’re 32, there’s a better chance of being on the receiving end of a bad driver.
  • July is the worst time for accidents. More specifically, Fridays in July are the most troublesome.
  • Only 7% of accidents result in injury.
  • Neck injuries are by far the most common in collisions.
  • Ford Fiestas seem particularly accident prone. They are the most likely to cause an accident as well as be involved in an accident.
  • Ford has three cars in the top 4 when it comes to causing accidents, broken up by the Mercedez-Benz Sprinter at number 2.
  • The most common form of collision is someone running into the back of you (38%).
  • Junction and roundabout collisions are next on the list.
  • Only 3% of accidents happen in car parks.
  • Halifax has the highest number of accidents, followed by Liverpool and then Coventry.

Your Legal Friend delved a little deeper into their accident statistics and found that men named John and women called Sarah had been in more accidents than people with other names. As you might expect, Sundays are relatively safe with the fewest accidents but the most dangerous time to drive is between five and six in the evening on any day.

The age old belief that women and the elderly are bad drivers is, therefore, largely dispelled by the statistics Your Legal Friend have uncovered. The company looked at the 25,000 different accident claims they currently have on record to come up with the wide ranging stats.

You can see the full infographic on the Your Legal Friend website.

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