Flint, Michigan

Woman hospitalized after car crashes with train in Flint

A woman is being treated at Hurley Medical Center where she was hospitalized after her car and a train were involved in a crash Sunday morning in Flint.

Officers with the Flint Police Department replied around 9 a.m. Sunday, February 16 to the area of Richfield Road between Dort Highway and Western Road for the accident.

Firefighters helped put out the flames after a white, four-door Chevy sedan caught fire.

Early signs are the driver may have gone around the gates, according to police and railroad officials.

Brian Edwards, director of safety and training for Lake State Railway, stated police informed him the driver of the Chevrolet traveled around a second vehicle and then around the gates. The driver of the second vehicle has worked on getting the woman out of the Chevrolet.

“It’s just unfortunate. Those gates are there for a reason,” Edwards stated. “It’s just sad.”

Police at the scene were not able right away to provide a condition on the driver.

The train was coming from Novi into a rail yard in Flint for an inspection, Edwards stated, and traveling at about 28 miles per hour when the crash occured.

Richfield Road between Dort Highway and Western Road was closed until further notice.

The incident remain is still being investigated.

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