October 28, 2020

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    Zanesville police department

    The Zanesville Police Department is having a car auction this coming Saturday on 27 June at 308 Harris Road in Zanesville, Ohio.

    Together with 103 cars, several other items will be showcased, Chief Coury spoke informed about the auction.

    “Our auction is this coming Saturday, starts at 10 o’clock should run most of the day. Apart from the 103 cars that we have, we have chain saws, weed eaters, blowers, snow blowers, tools, jewelry, just an overwhelming amount of things that will be available.”

    The auctions took place in order to maintain storage space for the police department.

    “Well, we need to have these auctions in order to keep space. We have our own impound yard now and that fills up quite frequently or pretty fast. So we need to auction off the cars that we have to make room for cars that will be coming in the future.”

    All of these items are either forfeited through the courts or they have never been picked up and are now unclaimed goods.

    The money earned from the auction goes into a Forfeited Line Item in the city and is then spent to purchase police equipment.

    Though the auction starts at 10 am, and you can arrive as early as 8 am to the event.

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