The Zenvo ST1

by Alex

The world accept Denmark’s power and authority as one of the best places to live in because of its lower crime rates and very clean government. These two things make it a fantastic country to live in. However, the world definitely does not know of the Denmark, and certainly not for its capabilities to produce super sports vehicles, let alone a machine with 1104 horsepower. At least nobody seems to have dreamed of such a thing.

The new Zenvo ST1 falls in the categories of the Bugatti Veyron and the Koenigsegg CCXR. This is because of the power figures of the Zenvo ST1, which makes it one of the most powerful cars one would ever want. The most surprising part of the story is that not many people have still even heard of this brilliant and powerful machine. Even though the concept has been around for a warped 10 years now and yet it’s surprisingly not known to the people. The powerful sports car got a green signal for its production edition only in 2005. However, in the last five years, there has not been much public disclosure about the powerful sports vehicle. Hence, the new stories that have been covering Zenvo ST1 have been only limited in numbers. It looks like the sports car manufacturer is not spending on either advertisements and promotions or the company needs to hire a new marketing team to ensure that the powerful sports vehicle gets its due publicity.

The Zenvo ST1 is powered by a 7.0 L supercharged V8 engine. The automobile industry experts and analysts firmly believe that the V8 engine is capable of churning out an additional 103 units of horsepower as against the Veyron. The torque produced by this extremely powerful engine is as high as 1050 pound-feet. However, the top speed of the super sports car is controlled at a maximum of 233 miles per hour. At these power levels combined with the torque figures the super sports vehicle is capable of sprinting at a rocketing speed from 0 mph to an astonishing 60 mph in a mere 3 seconds window. Notably, only fifteen units of the ST1 are likely to be produced by the company for the wealthy clan of the society as not many can afford it.

Source: topspeed

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