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2010 Audi Q7 tuned by Project Kahn

The Range Rover Sport supercharged RS600 that had been unveiled in the beginning of this year had to its advantage a 600 hp power house and also come with some exquisite exterior and interior changes. The tuner, that is Project Kahn, has now come out with a modified Audi Q7 SUV. There is no comparable power or looks to the RS600 but it is evident that some inspiration has been drawn from the RS600 work.

There is the Pearl Soft White Paint and the 22 inch KAHN RS-X Wheels which is the first thing that come to notice. There is also a KAHN wide arched body kit including vented front wings, as well as the KAHN welcome lights and panoramic glass roof which one notices in this Project Khan work. The interior has been done up with a Kahn’s quilted leather along with red stitching which makes it even more attractive. The speedometer, rev counter and the other dials on the car have a red accent color added to a subdued cream color.

The CEO of Project Kahn, Afzal Khan at the unveiling of package for Q7 said, “Customizing your existing car, is a great alternative, cost effective way for owners to upgrade”. The kit is priced at £12,000 (around $19,000 at the current exchange rates). The end result does make the price worth its penny or dollar or euro whatever it is.

Source: topspeed

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