2010 Mercedes SLR McLaren tuned by Rensson

Interest for the Mercedes SLR runs high as yet, even though the car has gone out of production. Just 1500 units of this car had been built and its good features keep the demand for this car high as yet. In its base form as produced in the company itself the car looks amazing, yet a few tuning features adds more to this already attractive car.

To make the car look like a “black devil” a German tuner by name Rensson has a package to offer that includes the body kit from the Mansory Renovatio for a more brutal appearance. The package also includes enormous slippers from Project Kahn as also side air intakes and a new carbon fiber interior with Alcantara inlays.

The 626 HP V8 supercharged engine is just perfect for this supercar and gives an acceleration factor of 3.8 seconds for the 0 to 60 mph sprint and top speed of 207 mph.

Source: topspeed

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