2011 Audi S4 worked upon by Stasis Engineering

The Audi S4 is a combination of speed and aggressive handling characteristics. This coupled with the ease and comfort in driving as well as riding in it, has made it the most favored car in the market as on date. The S4 is one car that would be advised to anyone who wishes a car for a life time.

The case car itself is near flawless and yet there are tuners who try to better the best. One such company is Stasis Engineering who has started to work on the four doors Audi in an effort to make it more hardcore. Such re-work is usually looked down upon but not into this case as it is SEMA.

Stasis is a company which has made its name in the auto market with its performance enhancing kits. They have expertise in the areas of enhancing brakes, suspension, driveline, as also of engine products. Their products are near racing standard.

The S4 package from Stasis is available through APS Barkley and the starting price is £12,500 which given present day exchange rates is about $20,000. This price is inclusive of VAT at the rate of 20 percent and installation charges also.

Source: topspeed

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