2011 Range Rover Sport from Merdad

The Ranger Rover Sport has been getting a number of tuning packages from the British tuning firm Merdad. With each package being launched the firms popularity has only been increasing. Also, with Land Rover coming out with the latest models of the Range Rover Sport it can be very well expected that the tuning firm would continue on their packages for this model.

The latest package from Merdad include both external as well as interior upgrades. The front and rear bumper conversions as well as new front and two side grilles which include the Lion crest symbolizing the tuning firm are all part of their upgrade package. There are the features of new side skirts, wider wheel arches along with a new bonnet with air vents and a custom-made quad exhaust system that are a part of the upgrade too.

For the interior upgrades, there is the variation from the standard three rear seat with the tuning firm’s modification which has two seats at the rear along with a middle console. The steering wheel is of a new design and so are the racing pedals, racing dials, and door entrance panels. The tuning firm also allows for customization of the interior design based on customer request and desire.

Option of two wheel kits has also been given by the firm. A set of 22 inch alloy forged lightweight racing rims designed and built specifically for Merdad is one of the option that can be taken. The other is a set of 22 inch alloy forged three piece five spoke concave rims, that has been made in Japan and also designed and built exclusively for the tuning firm’s collection.

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  1. Range Rover is a complete package of luxury and power. This new model of Range Rover seems very attractive and can be a better choice.

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