2012 Maybach 62S Landaulet

When we hear the word “Maybach”, each one of us pictures a vehicle multibillionaires use when they get tired of their private jets – and that’s exactly what this Maybach is.

This Landaulet is the ultimate in car comfort. All the gizmos the people from Maybach could think off were inserted into this car. Of course, because it’s a Landaulet, the roof can be fully opened at the rear. In this model, the time it takes to fully open the roof was lowered to 16 seconds.

There are 2 passenger seats in the back, each of them the size of an armchair. Naturally, all the seats are heated. The leg room is enormous. There could be a whole extra seat in front of every passenger and no one would feel cramped.  The shoulder belts automatically adjust to the height of the driver, or the passengers.

There are two 9.5 inch displays for the entertainment system in front of the passengers. Other features include radio, DVD and front telephone, but also navigation system and other services. The entertainment system can be controlled by the passengers using a remote, or by the driver using vocal commands.

As if the comfort found on the inside wasn’t enough, this year’s Landaulet is powered by a V12 turbocharged and water intercooled engine that provides a maximum output of 620 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque.

This is the best way to travel by car. Once you rode one of these cars, you can never feel comfortable in another vehicle again.

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