2013 Bugatti 16C Galibier

Whatever information that were gathered about the Bugatti Galibier so far has been details about its conceptualization and speculations. But there are enthusiastic souls who wish and pray that it is high time for the company to take the fornt leap. For those souls, things are about to evolve. Bugatti had wanted someone to back them in their bid to produce the 16C Galibier sedan. It is Volkswagen who has come up with the support.

Wolfgang Duerheimer is the man who actually took over as head of two mammoths like Bugatti and Bentley. It was apparent that it was he who pushed the envelope and managed to get the requisite backing from Volkswagen. As for the car itself, the Galibier will have an earth shattering 1000 HP at its disposal. That is massive to say the least. It was first unveiled in 2010 but then, it was just a concept. When put into production, the base pricing will approximate to about $1.4 million. The engine that the Galibier will use is a 16 cylinder unit and can feed upon both gasoline and biofuel. Production will demand facilities made available in Molsheim, France. Its likely for the production to complete and the models to hit the roads by the year 2013 or 2014.

Also, the car is yet to be accorded any official name though Bugatti’s decision to get into production mode with the isn’t something very surprising. Especially when Lamborghini has already given the nod for the production of their Estoque model and Ferrari has already brought out their FF. However, these competitors are far behind the immense power backing that Bugatti enjoys though these companies do make it obvious that the economy is in its upward swing and they are willing to make the most of it by having more lucrative options in their lineups.

Bugatti has also confirmed they are exploring a hybrid option in their engine line up as well, some thing that the company feels id of immense importance if they are to remain competitive in the segment. In fact, the company feels to go green is of as utmost importance as to have something as vital as survival at stake. Plus Bugatti also revealed the car will have porcelain trimmings to add a touch of glamor and exclusivity to the interior of the Galibier.

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