2013 Dodge Viper confirmed by Dodge head Ralph Gilles

The Dodge Viper had its final car manufactured as the company has ceased the production of this car after Fiat tied up with Chrysler. The car was all set to be reproduced for the year 2012, when this news was revealed. The manufacturing unit of the car in Conner Avenue assembly will stop producing the Viper from the end of this year. This will turn all the attention towards the next generation of cars that will be produced with the brainchild of Dodge head Ralph Gilles.

Gilles had stated earlier taking great pride of the Viper that it will be soon reproduced in 2012 combined with the class of Fiat. The car is assumed to be rejuvenated with a lighter chassis and a better and more fuel efficient engine. Dodge further added that the car will be available from the summer of 2012 produced as a 2013 model.

Gilles spoke to The Detroit News stating that the new Viper would be unique and not inspired by any other model, rubbishing rumors that the car would be based on a Ferrari model or the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione.

Gilles, the head of design in this project stated that the cabin as well as the set of wheels of the car is going to be unique. He added that the cabin of the Viper was rear heavy and that the hood of the car was very long. Cars with these ratios in dimensions are now rarely available according to him.

The current engine had a 640 horsepower 8.4-liter V-10 engine. This will surely be replaced by a brand new one. The company is yet to reveal what engine is going to be used in the new version but talks are doing the rounds that it will be a variant of Chrysler’s new 6.4-liter Hemi V-8 engine with certain tweaks and upgrades.

The most noticeable change in the new version of Viper is that it will be a softer version of the previous roaring beast. According to Gilles the car will be a more forgiving one and will be available to a larger number of people. The car will have a stability control equipped with it which adds to the high performance of this stellar set of wheels.

We will be providing further updates on the Viper as work progresses.

The new model of 2010 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR-X was revealed in the 2010 Detroit Auto Show. Some shots of the car are given above. The car has been built keeping various forms of roads in mind. The ACR-X is bound to be the best Viper model till date with great performance upgrades along with safety gears. Its going to be a deadly combination of speed and safety.

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