Sydney Police Force’s new toy – Alfa Romeo MiTo

The latest member to join Sydney Police Force is the Alfa Romeo Mito and is currently the star of the law keeper’s vehicle fleet. And with a white body and blue check stripes its a darling of the crowd no matter where it goes. In fact, if the city police force’s presence has earned an enhancement, the credit goes to the cuteĀ  little baby Alfa Romeo.

The car control technology termed DNA has been used in the car and is inclusive of three traction and stability control programs, which are Dynamic, Normal and All-weather.

As for their specific roles, Dynamic mode is responsible for providing cornering feedback, more engine power, and a relaxed stability control setting. The Normal mode, on the other hand, allows a light steering feel along with an engine tune aimed to maximize fuel savings. Lastly, the All-Weather mode provides driving assistance to the drivers in all types of weather conditions. No doubt, the Alfa Romeo Mito will not only help authorities in their law enforcement duties while also integrating the concept of road safety to the local communities.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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