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Adam Holt among men who saved men from fiery crash

Bystanders help save two men after fiery car crash in Arizona

Two people jumped into action after witnessing a head-on crash near Harrison and Escalante Road.

Adam Holt is one of the involved who was at the right place at the right time. He had been driving behind one of the vehicles involved when it crashed into an oncoming vehicle.

Holt said he swerved to avoid hitting the truck and ended up in the brush next to the road. He jumped out after to see if the other individuals were fine.

“I go to the first car, and I can’t get into him. He’s too smashed in there,” said Holt of the man in the damaged silver sedan. So he moved onto the man in the red truck and helped him out.

Meanwhile, the silver sedan started to go up in flames. A bystander attempted to hand him a fire extinguisher, but he said the pin was defective and time was running out.

“At this point, the cars already too much in flames, so now it’s just breaking his car, do whatever it takes to get him out.”

Holt and another man on the scene were able to get the man out and to safety, where the two injured individuals were met by Tucson firefighters.

Tucson police said two men were admitted to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and luckily no passengers were in either car.

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