Teenage drives ran over officer who tried to stop them in Montana

Billings, Montana

A police officer was having a hard time with serious injuries requiring surgery after a car full of teenagers sped and drove directly at officials in what was an alleged deliberate attempt to struck them.

The incident took place just after 1 a.m. on the morning of February 15 in Billings, Montana, when police officers found a vehicle that had been evading them multiple times earlier in the evening.

Officers state that they were in the process of providing commands to the vehicle’s passengers while the car was stopped facing the police when all of a sudden the motorist of the car accelerated and drove straight to the officers.

“The vehicle struck a BPD officer causing serious but non-life threatening injury,” stated Lieutenant Brandon Wooley from the Billings Police Department. The officer taken to a local medical facility by ambulance for injuries involving surgery. The officer, who will not be identified at this moment, is 35-years-old and a six-year veteran of the BPD.

The vehicle fled the location after the driver struck the officer but crashed after running a bit.

Six occupants then attempted to flee on foot and all of them were arrested in the area shortly after they attempted to make their escape.

Five of the car’s occupants were juvenile females from Billings. Their ages are between 13 and 16. The driver, a 14-year-old male, also from Billings, was arrested and remanded into youth services. He has been charged with attempted deliberate homicide.

The names of teens have not yet been released and the investigation into the incident remains ongoing.

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