October 23, 2020

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    MOTIV autonomous vehicle

    Automotive designer Gordon Murray has joined forces with Delta Motorsport and itMoves to create a new single-seater autonomous.

    It’s an electric, single-seat vehicle designed for autonomous driving. The MOTIV is only over eight feet long and four feet wide featuring a gull-wing door and was engineered to pass European passenger car crash test standards.

    Technically categorized as a quadricycle, the MOTIV has a top speed of only 40 mph and an estimated running duration of 2.5 hours between charges in an urban driving scenario, where it would be deployed through an Uber-type scheme.

    The MOTIV was constructed with support from a U.K. program intended at developing electric vehicles and there are presently no official plans to put it into production.

    The third partner, mobility specialist itMoves would get the credit for the vision behind MOTIV, including the vehicle concept, strategy usability, and visual image.

    The consortium is now looking to conduct pilot studies with autonomous technology companies and claims that MOTIV could be ready for mass production under two to five years.


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