October 26, 2020

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    Presence of an American make car in Europe is a rarity, and given this fact there are very few cases of European tuners doing a good job on an American car. It was therefore a surprise indeed to find a European tuning firm by name Schmidt Revolution applying their skills on a Camaro. Amongst the cars that are possibly seen in Europe the Camaro is the rarest of rare.

    A Camaro SS installed with a 6.2 liter V8 engine was the specific car that was to be spiced up by the tuning firm located in Germany. Their tuning package included a compressor kit from Speed Box which costs €8,999 or US$12,300. The exhaust system was changed to stainless steel for €999 or US$1,370, and this without the tail pipes. All this ups the power to 625 hp.

    The package from Schmidt Revolution also includes H&R coilovers costing €1,272 or US$1,740 and stabilizers for €530 or US$725. For wheels there is the 22 inch alloy wheels with tires of size 265/30 R22 up front and 295/25 R22 at the back. This one comes for €3,399 or US$4,650. For a matte black body finish the tuning company charges €3,500 or US$4,80.

    Source: carscoop

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