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Diana Ross will still perform, feeling ‘fine’ despite the car accident

“The show must go on” of course and that’s what Diana Ross must have thought even after a car crash.

Authorities in Bethlehem, Pa., state the 72-year-old singer was a little hurt when an SUV ran a stop sign and crashed into the limo taking her to a performance close by on Wednesday.

Ross experienced head and neck pain after the crash, was alleviated at the scene by paramedics and suggested she would seek more treatment on her own. No one else was injured.

Then the previous member of the Supremes went on to her gig, performing as set up at the Sands casino complex in Bethlehem later Wednesday.

She was sitting in the Lincoln Town Car, it was not so resistant: It had to be pulled.

Authorities said Thursday that the SUV motorist, a 22-year-old New Jersey girl, received a traffic citation.

Ross published on Twitter and her Facebook page on Thursday, telling fans not to stress. She is in the midst of her In the Name of Love tour and is set to perform again in Providence, R.I., Thursday night. Ross wrote:-

“I was involved in a car accident yesterday. I’m going to be a little sore, but it was mostly shocking. I have a very tiny sore bump on my forehead at my hairline. I ask you not to worry. I will see you tonight at the show in Providence,” she wrote, adding smile emoticons.

I was involved in a car accident yesterday, but I’m fine.I ask you not to worry. I will see you tonight at the show in Providence :)”

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