Mercedes G500 4×4 probably coming to the United States

Recently we have heard that Mercedes would bring its bonkers G500 4×4 ² to the United States as per the reports that Bart Herring, Mercedes’ United States, states the firm is “very close to a good choice” about bringing the bruising ‘ute to America.

In case you require a refresher, the G500 4×4 ² gets where the Mercedes G63 AMG 6×6 left off, albeit while likewise leaving off 2 of its wheels. That’s not always a bad thing, as the four-wheeled version is certainly a more nimble install with which to attack some off-road barriers. That virtually makes it useful, best?

Functioning the G500 4×4 ² is a twin-turbo V8 engine drawing out 422 horse power to all four wheels. As you can obviously view, it’s likewise lifted way up off the ground, and it includes portal axles for ultimate ground clearance. We have no idea what it would end up costing here in the States, but in Germany, where the 4×4 ² is currently on sale, it calls the registers to the tune of EUR226,100. That’s just over $255,000 at existing currency exchange rate, though actual prices would undoubtedly differ from that figure.

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