Fiat Primo Roadster Study to take on future MX-5

Possibility of a competitor to the MX 5 from Fiat can be seen in the horizon in the form of the Primo which has been designed by David Cardoso, an independent designer. The face is similar to the 500 from the Fiat family while the rear side resembles the older 128 model.

The Primo, if it does see the light of the day could very well be the range expander for Fiat and for ranking would be placed alongside the 500. As an entry level coupe also this car would be the most apt one.

Current Fiat projects that occupy their work and time are the Chrysler reinvention; they also are trying to integrate their 500 into the US market. Making the Alfa Romeo brand a more profitable item is one more of their ongoing project. Given this full time dedicated work, the 500 may appear to be of a lesser priority for them, but they would sure gain in the long run if they go ahead with this project also.

Source: carscoop

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