Alfa Romeo’s historical museum in Arese

One can see the Historical Museum of Alfa Romeo at the Arese which is located near Milan. This museum had been officially inaugurated in December of 1976. The museum spans over an area of 4,800 square meters, which is divided into 4 main sections and consists of six floors.

There are hundreds of production and competition cars on the first floor which is dedicated to such cars and models. One gets a chronological sequence of the cars laid out at the museum and gives the visitor the general sense of the like cars how they evolved thereof. There is enough accompanying documentation as well that one gets to view at the museum to learn about the process.

The second floor houses the cars that are design and “dream” cars. The next floor holds one airplane and 14 aircraft engines. This depicts the involvement of Alfa in the aviation industry as well.

The final floor depicts the glory of Alfa in competitions through the trophies that they have won and that are laid out. Their involvement in the racing world goes to around eighty years as would be evident from the drivers and trophies history that is embedded on this floor.

Source: carscoop

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