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Land Rover will have its first hybrid model ready in 2013

To go green is the latest trend and its good to the biggies in the automobile industry of the likes of Rolls Royce and Land Rover slowly waking up to the fact. The popularity of the hybrid machines has turned so high such that cannot be ignored any further is what they have come to realize. Land Rover have taken their first step in this direction with their Global Brand Director, John Edwards telling IndiseLine about the company toeing the idea of alternative propulsion systems in their cars to come. The expected dates of hybrid models delivery have not yet been firmed up but it is somewhere in a year’s time.

The hybrid would be based on the new generation Range Rover which is coming up in 2013. The car would have an electric motor that would be mated to the gasoline engine which would be a V6 unit. A year down the line after Land Rover introduces the first hybrid model, the British car maker has stated it has drawn up ambitious plans to come up with an even more radical model that would be of the plug-in hybrid type and would have many of the technologies available on the Jaguar line of cars incorporated in it.

Land Rover however have also stated that it would not be a complete stop of their other car models, but rather they plan to make hybrid models of only those cars which have the possibility of returning fuel consumption advantages in the process.

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