2011 Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition: A masterpiece from Anderson Germany

If you have been awe struck with the Audi R8 V10 Hyper Black Edition and thought it can’t get better than this, well you are in for a pleasant surprise. The Audi R8 V10 Hyper Black Edition surely added a touch of aggressiveness to the car, let’s not have any doubt about that though it’s time to get the mouth opening wider as the next tuning project from the famed German tuner has given the Audi a run for money. Had James bond been less of the proper and prim that he is and a bit more badass, he would have definitely preferred driving the type of Aston Martin DBS Superior Black Edition fast trackers. Just a glimpse of the four wheeler gets us into drooling and the boost in the power department is way beyond getting tagged as shabby!

To give the sedan a hardcore makeover all that was needed were a matte black paint job done with bright red calipers for the shock effect and a fresh set of 21 inches diameter wheel. The interior gets bejeweled in carbon fiber elements, black leather and alcantara mixed in with a marvelous piece of red trim and cross stitching done on the seats. The use of red color to adorn many of the borders the car in the interior of the car along with many black components found inside that not only elevates the look of the coupe but also renders a uber cool feel to it.

The upgrades in the power department for the DBS Superior Black Edition is not exorbitant. Rather it can be termed as just enough that is required to get the job done. A standard DBS is competent enough for a 510 HP at 6500 rpm squeezed out of a hand built V12 engine. But the further incorporation of a fresh exhaust system gets that power elevated by a margin of 50 HP to 560 Hp. No words are aired about the effect the increase in the power has brought in the performance index of the DBS. But a whiff of a glance at this hot wheel banishes that craving to know about its performance.

Source: topspeed

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