Launching Of Self Driving Taxi Service In Singapore By nuTonomy

nuTonomy is a MIT company with spin off technology that makes software to build self driving autonomous cars and mobile robots. It was founded in 2013 and it is planning to release fully autonomous car by 2019.

The company launched its first pilot project in Singapore. Self driving cars minimize the hassle of driving in a crowded area. They work by the logic of software designed and based on how to plan its motion in an environment. Uber rival, Grab, started to partner with the nuTonomy company to test the self driving cars in Singapore.

Pilot of nuTonomy is limited to one part of Singapore in an area called one-North which is a 2.5km square business district area. This is the government designated area for testing self driving cars. But in view of Grab passengers it is extended beyond boundaries and trip into nearby neighborhoods. Grab announced that in the long run it is planning to offer self driving cars in other parts of Southeast Asia.

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