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Photos of Lotus Evora

This Lotus Evora Has Its License Plate Upside Down!

It seems that driving any vehicles developed by Lotus is not easy these days. First of all, the car is pretty small, so small that most people may not even fit into the car. Take for an example the Lotus Evora. Then, the second problem is that there is an ever increasing number of sport utility vehicles (SUV) wandering around the streets of the globe. Nonetheless, in spite of all the difficulties when it comes to driving a Lotus, this man actually deserves two thumbs up, well, for some at least. Realize it or not, this guy produces something creative – and pretty amusing, too – only by a simple move, placing his license plate upside down.

To be honest, this man seems somehow even smarter than the US Department for Motor Vehicles (DMV). For those who may not know, the DMV has always been putting a lot of efforts to prevent drivers in the US from playing dirty with the plates of their cars. Yet, it seems that the DMV actually still misses quite a few combinations to ban from being used on motorcars. As in the case of this Lotus Evora, the license plate combination is actually ‘370HSSV’. By putting it upside down, the driver of the vehicle gets a new license plate, and an offensive one as well – giving out the ‘a-ho’ sort of message. But is it actually legal to put such a license plate, especially considering that it is being placed in a reversed position?

Well, as it turns out, it is not illegal in every single state in the US. As a matter of fact, some states do not even mention anything regarding such use of a license plate in its state laws. Honestly speaking, even in the states where such use of a plate is prohibited, it seems that some drivers can always find the loopholes. Taking the license plate of the Lotus Evora in question into consideration, it seems that the owner may have been listening to the song ‘Welcome to Japan’ by The Strokes. The song actually refers to an a-ho driving a Lotus Evora. Fortunately, the man has some integrity left intact as he does not park his car like an a-ho.

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