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Behold the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante in Custom Green-Gold Paint Job!

Two years ago, during the Geneva Auto Show that took place in Geneva, Swiss, the luxury Italian automaker, Alfa Romeo, introduced the Disco Volante Concept. Then, one year later, the company actually finished the first production model of the version, wrapped in the Alfa red paint. This time, another production unit of the very model has shown up again but this time it is not wrapped in red but a custom paint job that combines the green and the gold colors instead.

The Disco Volante will have a similar fate to the 8C coupe. There are no more than 500 units of the latter to be found in this world. Yet, as for the Volante, it will become even rarer, considering that it is a model which pays homage to the original Disco Volante from back in 1952. Hence, the Carozzeria Touring Superleggera has decided to build only 8 units of the latest generation Volante in total. Yet, owners of this Alfa Romeo model in particular can feel very proud and pleased because the company is not going to build any Volante unless it is ordered by the customers. The company is building each and every one of the Volante according to customers needs and demands. It’s kind of like what happens to the One-77 from Aston Martin, a luxury automaker from Britain.

So, who does this green-gold Alfa Romeo Disco Volante belong to then? Well, the answer is still in the fog right now. However, one thing is for sure, the red one produced last year is actually the belonging of a wealthy person from mainland China. Since two units of the latest Volante have been sold, there are only six left to build. That, however, is probably going to take up quite some time.

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