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Your old car may have been around back when Apple was producing large beige boxes that took floppy disks, but it doesn’t mean you should just let your vehicle go to waste. With eight simple updates totaling less than a thousand bucks, any of these models will take on the modern look and feel while still keeping many of the same advanced features as an expensive new luxury sedan.

1. Upgrade your tech with Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is an inexpensive upgrade to your car that will enhance the way you listen, manage and navigate through media. You can get Apple CarPlay for under $500 which leaves more money in the budget to invest into upgrading other parts of your sound system like speakers or amps!

2. Give it a new look with a custom vinyl wrap

A great way to make your car stand out from the crowd is with a new paint job. But if you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on such an investment and have some time this weekend, consider installing vinyl wrap instead! Vinyls come in many different colors, finishes, textures – it’s all up to you what your vehicle looks like.

3. Upgrade your seats

Your seats should not only be comfy on long trips, they should hold you in place while you’re driving. You probably don’t even realize how much your body adjusts from movement during every single journey which causes fatigue. Seats range from a couple hundred to several thousand dollars but if you shop around then there are some really nice additions to your car for well under $1,000! You can review the best car accessories from Forbes as well for your next tour.

4. Make your car whisper quiet with sound deadening material

If you want to keep your car as quiet and cozy as a new Mercedes, sound deadening material may be the answer. This heavy mat will not only reduce noise but also regulate temperature!

5. Clean up your interior with new carpet

Dust, dirt, dead skin cells and mucus are enough to make anyone wary of their car’s carpet. But there is one more thing you probably don’t want in your car: A sense that the minute you leave it needs a good cleanser before entering again.

You can save money by installing your own auto carpet. Simply pull up the seats, turn a wrench and you will have new carpets in an afternoon! And keep your auto carpet neat and clean by choosing the good auto detailing carpet extractor from technomono.

6. Improve the feel of your ride with new shocks

Shocks are often overlooked in the pursuit of bettering your car unless it’s for performance purposes, but you’ll soon realize that they can be a fantastic way to transform your ride. In fact, some shocks like Bilstein and Koni pack a punch while still maintaining comfort with their soft settings.

They’re also called shock absorbers because they absorb bumps along the road as well as jolts from breaking or impact on turns which could potentially damage other parts such as springs and bushings too if not taken care of properly! If you don’t feel comfortable changing them out yourself there is no need to worry; most reputable garages won’t take long at all since cars have become so standardized these days (even though each one may use.

7. Get rid of squeaks and ride smoother with new bushings

Your car has been through a lot. It’s seen you to work, back and forth from the grocery store on Saturdays, all over town for errands – your trusty sidekick. But it seems like lately that rough ride is more of an uncomfortable one than ever before; maybe even enough so that some days you choose not to drive because driving just isn’t worth the soreness or pain anymore?

Think about how much less money in gas you would be saving by switching out those worn bushings! We’re here with everything else covered too: labor included no matter what level of service needed.

8. Steering Wheel and Pedal Pads

The steering wheel is an important part of our everyday lives and often gets banged up from rough use. It’s a lot easier to replace the entire steering column than it is to put on one small buffer, but there are things you can do too for interim help.

Risks associated with driving cars arise when we’re not careful enough or if someone else drives recklessly because they might have different tastes in wheel coverings. Steering wheels that get worn down by constant daily usage could be replaced all together rather than having them fixed over time which would make sense financially as well since car repairs tend to grow expensive after some point!

Pedal pads are a great way to improve the feel of your pedaling. They can be purchased at different thicknesses and prices, starting at $60 up to about $200 for fancier ones with more features like reflective materials or grip patterns on the underside.

9. Car Mats and Carpets

You know when you’ve been driving in your car for a while and all the dirt starts to accumulate? The floor mats that came with our brand new vehicle were not built to be long-lasting.

Many people will purchase additional carpets or Matts, but if yours is looking like it needs an upgrade go shopping!

When it comes to the interior of your car, a clean floor is essential. When you replace yours with something new and exciting like natural bamboo or an eco-friendly fabric, people will be able to appreciate those details just as much as they do all other aspects of their cars.

With the right tools and materials, your car could look like a million bucks. We’re here to help you decide if upgrading the inside is for you with this helpful guide from

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