Nissan Driver Fights Huge Waves, Finally Surrenders

Nissan driver fights waves and surrenders

When you’re driving a car and you see huge waves ahead of you, what are you going to do? For most of us, the answer is most likely to turn around and stay away from those waves. However, that was not seemingly an option for this man. While driving his Nissan pickup truck in California, on the Humboldt Bay’s North Jetty, this man decided he should go forward despite the huge waves. Yet, it was not long before the waves pushed his car around as if it was only a toy.

When the man eventually realized how dangerous the situation was, it was far too late for him to turn around. As can be seen in the YouTube video, the waves crashed into his pickup truck over and over again until the car was finally unable to move.

Thankfully, someone was actually shooting video of the waves, witnessed this incident and decided to call 911. The coast guard then came to the scene by boat, trying to get the man out of the horrible situation but their first attempt had no success. In the end, they had to use a helicopter to rescue the man.

Well, we all make bad decisions sometimes but a decision as bad as this one? Why in the world would someone even think about driving a car against such huge waves instead of avoiding them? The only reasonable answer, it seems, is that the man is probably not a local. After all, as reported by The Lost Coast Outpost, he was driving a Nissan with an Arkansas license plate. That said, he was probably unaware of the fact that the National Weather Service had actually issued a high surf advisory around the area where he was driving when the incident took place, which was on January 26, 2017. It was unclear whether the man could recover his pickup truck or that the waves had successfully secured it under the depths of the ocean.

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