One more Ferrari 458 Italia goes up in flames. This one in China

A few weeks back we had reported an incident where a brand new Audi R8 won by Rahul Patel soon found itself in flames followed by another incident of a brand new Ferrari 458 Italia catching fire in central Paris. This time the news is about yet another hit to a brand new sports car of the same Ferrari 458 Italia model in China.
After the super car was started for being taken out on a drive the car’s engine compartment started smoking. This is the 11th reported incident of the Ferrari 458 Italia super car getting decimated in fire making it perhaps one of the most ridiculous and unexpected stories about the sports vehicle within a year.

Auto experts believe that the way these single distinct instances of misfortunes are being reported, the sports car would soon be known as a cursed supercar if there were more of such incidents in future. It sounds so much absurd to label the 458 Italia, the super sports car as ‘cursed’ but the number of incidents are really piling up in rapid succession to start everyone believing into this absurd ‘cursed’ theories. Do leave us your valuable comments about what you think about these incidents about the so-called cursed theories of supercars.

Source: topspeed

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