Saab Showrooms will now also sell Spyker Sports Cars

Victor Muller, owner of Spyker Cars NV and Saab Automobiles has announced their plans to sell their high end sports cars through Saab retailer by this year end. However, this was an expected announcement and should take no one by surprise.

In an interview with Bloomberg news agency Muller seated at the Saab’s headquarters in Trollhaettan, Sweden stated that they were signing Spyker dealerships in large numbers.

This would lead to a rise in the number of dealers for Spyker Cars and is expected to reach up to 90 from the previous 35 to 30 dealers by next year end. This year itself they expect to reach almost double the number of dealers of what they had last year.

C8 Aileron would be the first Spyker model to be sold through the Saab outlet. The car is designed to achieve speeds of 186 mph (300 KM/Hr) and the price for the basic car is $214,990 in the US.

Spare parts of generic nature for the Spyker like the windscreen wiper motors are also of comparatively lower cost; this cost benefit has converted into added sales figures of the Spyker as per Muller. Plans are also afoot, he added to rope in Saab’s engineering services in this venture.

Muller stated that Spyker and Saab were helping each other and in the process both stood to gain in big ways. Saab had been doled out by Spyker he mentioned and now Spyker was benefitting from this effort.

Source: carscoop

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