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The high performance car with low CO2 emissions: 2011 Lotus Elise Facelift

Most people would say that the coolest cars that ever existed are the ones that look great or have high performances or both. Well, I think that any of these are not the best. I think that a very cool car is one the has the one characteristics from the above but at the same time, it should develop low CO2 emissions and so is this 2011 Lotus Elise Facelift which I’m going to talk about.

As I said in the title, and also in the text from the above, this 2011 Lotus Elise Facelift has high performances but it has low CO2 emissions namely just 149 g/km meaning that it has 16% less emissions than the previous model which is available now on the market.

You should know that if you want to buy such a 2011 Lotus Elise Facelift, you will have to make a choice between a 1.6 liter engine or a 1.8 liter engine. Also, a very cool and interesting feature of this amazing car is that it weights only 876 kilograms which is very low for such a car.

Also, comparing to the last model, this new 2011 Lotus Elise Facelift is with 4% more aerodynamic which is also improving the car’s performances.

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