2010 Paris Motor Show: Venturi America Concept revealed

The Paris Motor Show witnessed the unveiling of the Venturi make car that had been announced before hand. The car is a combination of the traditional American values as well as awareness of the current need of the world as far as ecological factors go. The car is an electric power driven one and the engine is same as that fitted on the Venturi Fetish. The power that we get is 300 hp or 220 kw and more along with 380 Nm of torque. The battery pack that is installed on the car is a 54 KwHr rated one and has LIV-10 Lithium ion Polymer cells. The battery management system has been designed by Ventec who are the leading people in this field.

Total range of the car with a single charge is 300 km and the recharging facility is via standard socket or even could be recharged at the fast recharge terminals. The chassis has been so designed so as to be able to accommodate a large number of batteries. The material of the car is carbon monocoque and this has very high protective properties that would be beneficial for the occupants.

Two deformable cells which are positioned at the front and rear of the car complete the body structure of the car. In case of an accident the battery case is therefore protected. This car has been named as both a sports as well as an all terrain leisure vehicle. The Venturi America could therefore be aptly called the electric buggy.

Source: 4wheelsnews

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