Renault Plans For Compact SUV, A Premium Small Car in India

Renault Kaptur compact suv

The French carmaker Renault is planning to have a drive in a compact SUV, a premium small car which has its place above Kwid, in India. This is to boost the sales volume through the highly localized models. Renault has ended the market share with around 4.5% in 2016 while selling 110,000 cars. The three key products with which Renault runs are Duster SUV, Kwid mini and Lodgy MPV.

Sumit Sawhney, Indian CEO and MD of Renault India, stated that Renault now is in a “portfolio development mode” when its retail presence is expanded across the country. The company will be highly focusing on the local content for all new products as Renault would like to ensure that car prices are attractive and operating costs are competitive. It is believed that newly launching vehicle will be the Kaptur SUV that has been displayed internationally, and it can be placed along with Duster, as Renault wants to have a greater position in the fast-growing off-roader category.

Every year a new car will be launched by Renault and this is an integral part of the company. This happens due to stronger improvement in distribution and sales. It is understood that the new small car is currently in the development stage and may be ready in two to three years. The company is been expanding its retail footprint across the country and has ended with 270 dealers at the end of 2016, whereas there were 205 dealer at the beginning 2016.

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