Sharing Your Drive In Luxury Cars Has Finally Emerged

mercedes luxury cars

In general, a seven year old will always say no to sharing habit and they always comment that sharing is not easy and pleasant. Since sharing is not a good option for them, it is better to have their own toy, candy, car, etc. This is same when you are an adult. Owning a car is always wonderful, because of the exciting and freeing rides while offering no restrictions in travelling, starting and stopping in the roads when you wish to. But all these will definitely cost a lot.

So being an adult you must know sharing makes sense and it is useful, and many of them in their 20’s have shared the apartments with the other roommates to reduce the financial burden. This is the main reason behind the success of shared rides provided by ZipCar or car2go. With a membership to these services, you are prevented from spending money for insurance, gas, car services, tire changes, or oil changes, etc. You just want to pay for the drive and that is enough.

And now beyond this sharing enjoyment, some would like to have luxurious travel and for those the new wave of services has been lined to include luxury cars in shared rides. Car2go is including Mercedes CLA sedan and GLA SUV into its fleet network in Toronto and Vancouver, in February, and in Calgary and Montreal later this year. And now the company had announced that majority of its vehicles will be new Mercedes models by the end of 2017.

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