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Massachusetts state police

Three killed, one injured after car crash in Massachusetts

Three local teenagers were killed and one teenager was injured after a car crash on Sunday morning in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

The crash took place when a Nissan Sentra, reportedly went off the road and rolled over about 40 feet into the woods.

Massachusetts State Police responded to the crash just before 1 a.m.

Three occupants were pronounced dead at the scene.

They include a 19-year-old Holland man, probably driving the car; an 18-year-old West Brookfield man; and a 17-year-old Oxford boy.

A 17-year-old Brookfield boy, fled the scene before the troopers arrived. The boy suffering serious injuries was hospitalized at Harrington Hospital.

Two of the teens who died had attended Tantasqua Regional High School.

On Sunday afternoon, some friends of the victims visited the crash scene in Brimfield. People left flowers at the base of the tree where the three teenagers died. The community also held a vigil in Holland.

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