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Greg Kelly Nissan

Tokyo prosecutors seek two-year sentence for Greg Kelly

On Wednesday, the Japanese prosecutors asked a Tokyo court to prison former Nissan Motor executive Greg Kelly to prison for two years for his alleged part in helping Carlos Ghosn to hide earnings.

Prosecutors, who are also seeking a 200 million yen ($1.8 million) fine for Nissan, called for the jail sentence for Kelly during their closing arguments in a trial that started a year ago.

A ruling in the case is expected in 2022, and if found guilty Kelly could join two other Americans who are currently serving time in Japan following a court judgment that sentenced them in July for helping smuggle Ghosn out of Japan on a private jet hidden in a box to Lebanon at the end of 2019, where he remains as a fugitive.

Kelly has rejected charges he helped Ghosn hide 9.3 billion yen of Ghosn’s earnings during eight years through deferred payments. Kelly has said his only goal had been to retain a CEO who could have been lured away by a competing automaker.

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