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Nevada Highway Patrol

Two killed after three-vehicle crash near Beatty, Nevada

Two people were killed after a three-vehicle crash on Wednesday.

The crash took place eleven miles south of Beatt in Nevada.

Investigation shows that a Toyota Corolla and Motor Coach RV were stopped at a pilot car traffic control point. The RV was behind the Corolla when the crash happened.

Both vehicles were stopped, the driver of a Lexus SUV was moving southbound at a high rate of speed and ended up striking the rear of the RV. This caused a domino effect, and the RV then crashed with the Corolla.

The driver of the Lexus, identified as Raul Roberto Saldano, was pronounced dead at the scene.

A juvenile female in the Lexus also died.

The occupants of the RV and Corolla were not injured.

Nevada State Police investigated the crash.

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