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What You Need To Do After A Crash

It’s incredibly unpleasant, whether it be your fault or someone else’s. Car crashes could soon become a thing of the past with the advent of driverless technology. But in the meantime, drivers need to be careful and follow varying steps to ensure they look after their own interests after a crash. There are thousands of crashes a day, and the majority of people can’t even do anything about it as it isn’t really their own fault. Here we can see what needs to be done in the aftermath.

Stay Calm


It’s all too easy to start shouting and pointing fingers, especially if you’re getting blamed for something that was not your fault. But stay calm. The last thing you want is the police getting involved. If the other driver is aggressive just stay in the car, they’ll likely calm themselves down over time and then you can speak to them and take their details. If they don’t comply, use you phone to get a quick snap of their number plate or try to memorise it. If there are bystanders ask if they would provide a witness statement and check if any nearby stores or homes have CCTV. It can be a harrowing situation but one that needs to be managed correctly.

Use A Lawyer


If you need to sue someone over a motor vehicle claim then your best bet is to use a specific law firm that deals with motor cases. You can also use one if you don’t think your insurance firm has done a good enough job. It may not be the nicest of things to do, but if you or a loved one is injured in the incident you should pursue compensation. You may not be able to do things you love due to an injury caused by the crash. Call a lawyer as soon as you feel you need one, the earlier they’re on board the more they can do for you. If you feel you can’t afford one don’t worry, they usually claim their fee either out of the compensation or from the other side.

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Call Your Insurance Firm

You should call your motor insurance firm as soon as you get home. Tell them exactly what happened, be it your fault or not. They can offer some great advice, but be mindful and bear in mind that whatever they say their top priority will be the money they pay out. If it wasn’t your fault they may ask if you’re injured, but tell them even if it is your fault. If you can’t go back to work then you may need the money to help with your recovery and they can give you that depending on the cover you choose. Telling them straight away covers you, because the other person involved may lie or exaggerate so it’s worth getting your story in right away. The process is pretty straight forward. Many people feel bad about claiming or using courtesy car, but you pay for the service and as such you’re entitled to it.

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