Woman pays ultimate cost after getting out of car inside tiger exhibit

A Siberian tiger trampled a mother to death who was attempting to rescue her daughter from another tiger’s claws, in a scary encounter caught on security video at a wildlife park located in China.

The deadly brush with nature occurred at Badaling Wildlife World on the outskirts of Beijing on Saturday when a female traveler entered an argument with her travelling companions, triggering her to get out from the car and walk over to the other side.

That’s when one tiger struck, dragging the lady away.

A person and a second woman– the mother of the young lady who initially left the automobile– leapt from the vehicle to attempt to save her, and they did, as per local reports.

But the mother died when another tiger got on her, the International Business Times notes.

The Yanqing district federal government provided some details on the victim, believed to be the younger of the two females, The Guardian reported.

Park visitors are allowed to drive their own automobiles, however forbidden to go out in specific enclosures.

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