Car stucks on roof of house in China after driver loses control

car stucks on roof, china

A black SUV stuck on the roof of a home in eastern China after the motorist lost control of the automobile, Chinese media reported.

Closed-circuit tv footage revealed the car swerving in a broad arc and crashing into the tiled roof of a home next to the road in Taizhou City, Jiangsu province.

“With a big bang, I saw a vehicle stuck in the roof,” the property owner stated.

Part of the roof collapsed because of the impact.

The driver climbed up out of the automobile using a ladder, and appeared unhurt.

He said he was aiming to prevent other automobiles, and stepped on the accelerator by mistake.

“A tricycle appeared suddenly and I turned north only to discover that an automobile was coming in my direction. And I stepped on the accelerator mistakenly and altered my direction.”

He was going at around 70km per hour at the time, he informed a policeman.

The vehicle was lifted off the property by a crane, video from Chinese broadcaster CCTV revealed.

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