Ferrari 458 Italia created by Oakley Design

In past we had come across the tuning kit from Oakley design for the Ferrari 458 Italia. The entire auto community was quite excited about the tuning package and expecting that, nothing else could make the Ferrari any better. However, several incidents of Ferrari 458 Italia burning down to ashes had shocked the entire community of sports car fans. It appears that the people at Oakley design actually had done a fantastic job in creating a better Ferrari 458 Italia.

The Performance Direct Monitoring News team had an opportunity to test drive the super sports car. The team also had an opportunity to compare the Ferrari’s exquisite sports vehicle against a Ducati 1198 ‘Corporate Edition’, in addition to a test drive of one of the five units of Ferrari 458 Italia model that were made even more powerful.

Just to summarize the features, the Ferrari 458 Italia offers a carbon fiber inserts on the radiator air exit ducts and a carbon-fiber front spoiler lip. The other features, which are prominent to the exquisite sports vehicle, include wider side sills, a new rear spoiler and carbon-fiber roof panel, and a lighter carbon-fiber rear diffuser. The mirror covers, and an engine cover insert make the Ferrari 458 stand out from the crowd. The tuning kit had upgraded the engine performance by stepping up the engine’s power output to over 10 percent. The upgraded engine could churn out a total of 627 bhp to power the exquisite sports car. The kit also enhanced the peak torque output of sports vehicle to over 567Nm. At this enhanced toque and power output levels the car is capable of sprinting from 0 mph to 60 mph in a skimpy 3.0 seconds window. The Ferrari 458 Italia’s top speed has been registered at 205 mile per hour.

Source: topspeed

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