Jaguar’s will preview the next XK concept at the Paris Motor Show

Jaguar has revealed its plan about the preview of its new styling directions, later this month. And the occasion selected for this preview by Jaguar is the Paris Motor Show. Jaguar has planned to showcase its sports-car concept, which is also celebrating its 75th anniversary.

The sports-car concept on display is none other than the XK coupe, which is a two-seater sport vehicle. The concept car’s sculpted classical beauty is its aesthetically appealing bodywork. Jaguar’s hallmark, in fact, has been the beautiful classical body of its sports cars. The Jaguar’s reputation as a sport car maker also comes from the great looks of its show car designed for the Paris Motor Show. The industry experts and automotive analysts believe that the successful Porsche 918 most likely inspires the show car designed for the Paris Motor Show. The Porsche 918 was showcased at the Geneva Show last year in the month of March. However, Jaguar has no known plans to moving ahead with its concept car and turning it into a production edition. Instead, Jaguar has planned to completely do away with the concept car before the next phase of production of Jaguar’s new models. The next phase is expected to be starting with the production of new XK Model commencing from the year 2012.

The production of the new redesigned XK model also signifies the beginning of another phase in the history of Jaguar designs. The reinvention of Jaguar’s model range inspired by Ian Callum took place over five years ago with the debut of the current XK model. The trend continued and the XJ model finally followed current XK model. In between the current XK and XJ models, the current XF model was also brought into existence.

The future models are likely to have some key design features that are likely to be undergoing a revision. The future models are most likely to have the oval, E-type-inspired grille. Callum in his previous interview with Autoweek had maintained that the Jaguar is not likely stretch the oval grille and attempt to fit the face of the bigger sports vehicle. He also mentioned that this could not be achieved without actually dropping the elegant proportions of it sports vehicles.

Jaguar, however, is likely to be using a single grille design for its sedans and sports cars. These sedans and sports cars are expected to be styled after the oblong XF / XK design. According to Jaguar, they are in the process of developing the shape of it future models. The concept car for display at the Paris Motor Show is going to be a preview of Jaguar’s next generation cars that will have grilles, which have somewhat elongated form with approximately parallel sides on new sports cars. The concept car’s hybrid power train is expected to be inspired by a V6 gasoline engine. The automobile industry experts expect that the V6 gasoline engine could possibly be turbocharged. They also believe that the engine can be mated with an eight-speed automatic transmission system. This eight-speed gearbox is likely to use in future version of Jaguar’s models.

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