October 26, 2020

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    Man hangs by truck's bullbar in Sydney

    Driver charged after a man carried for 3 kilometers clinging to bullbar

    A person has been charged with multiple offences including reckless driving after he reportedly drove for over three kilometers through Sydney’s streets with another man clinging to the bullbar of the car. The incident, which was recorded by another driver and posted online, took place after an alleged minor crash between the men’s two vehicles […]

    pedestrian hit by car, sent flying in Sydney

    Pedestrian is hit by a car and sent flying through the air in Sydney

    A pedestrian was hit by a vehicle before being sent flying meters into the air while crossing a busy road on Christmas Day in Sydney, Australia.  Dashcam footage from a car stopped in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Sydney’s Military Road caught the man walking across two lanes of stopped vehicles. But as he tried to cross the bus […]

    Vandalized Audi Q3

    Father pays $10,000 after daughter scratches 10 cars in showroom

    A Chinese man in Australia had to pay an auto dealer $10,000 last week and he didn’t even get a new car for doing so. A couple have been left with a bill after their 3 years old daughter scratched pictures into the paintwork of 10 brand-new Audi cars in one go while making a visit to […]

    Stu Pengelly

    Australian roast pork in his car during the country’s extreme heatwave

    The heatwave in Australia is so severe that an individual turned his car into an oven to cook a pork roast.  Stu Pengelly, of Perth, decided to see what would take place if he left 1,5 kg (3.3 pounds) of pork on the seat of his Datsun Sunny for 10 hours as temperatures in the […]

    queensland images

    Australia woman charged with murder after her two children found dead in car

    The two children, aged one and two, were discovered unresponsive by officers in Queensland on Saturday. It is not clear how long they had been inside the car. The two girls showed evidence of being exposed to extreme heat, a police officer stated. Temperatures at the time they were found in the vehicle, in a […]

    Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

    Auto dealers put on notice by ACCC in warranty crackdown

    Dodgy new car retailers who misguide consumers about guarantees, warranties and fuel usage promises have been put on notice by Australia’s competition watchdog. Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) discovered lots of makers have failed to ensure that standard customer guarantee rights are factored into their complaints managing systems and that some new buyers are […]

    sydney teenager crashed ute while he was drunk

    Sydney teenager crashed ute into house and car while he was drunk

    A teenage driver detained after his ute crashed while drunk, into a parked car and home in Sydney has presumably recorded a blood alcohol reading of 0.179. The 19-year-old remains in cops custody, after his ute apparently left The Kraal Drive in Blair Athol and struck a parked vehicle about 3.30 am today. The ute […]

    Melbourne car attack, January 2017, Paramedics treated about 20 people at the scene

    Melbourne car attack: Australians mourns as victims as death toll rises to five

    The Victorian state government put $100,000 to help the victims of the automobile attack in Melbourne car attack that killed 5 individuals. Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews, and the Melbourne lord mayor, Robert Doyle, stated the loss of fellow Australians in “such a shocking, wanton criminal attack is a tragedy”. “We are with you in love, […]

    Melbourne car attack, January 2017, Paramedics treated about 20 people at the scene

    Melbourne car deaths: Four killed as driver strikes pedestrians

    3 individuals, including a kid, have passed away after a vehicle intentionally struck pedestrians in central Melbourne, authorities state. A minimum of 29 individuals were hurt, amongst them an infant who remains in an critical condition after the automobile struck a pram. Cops state they rammed the car, shot the driver in the arm and […]

    Sydney Australia map

    Sydney mother to face court next month after kids locked in car

    A Sydney mother will face court after she supposedly left her 4 kids under 10 years old locked in a vehicle in searing heat as she went to shop. A witness called authorities after observing the 4 kids, aged 6, 7, 8 and 9, in the automobile in a Bankstown parking lot on Canterbury Roadway […]

    adelaide stolen car for joy-riding

    Five youths refused bail over stealing a car to go joy-riding

    Five youngsters, including an 11-year-old kid, have been jailed after they supposedly stole a car to go joy-riding throughout Adelaide’s east, west and northern suburban areas overnight. Police patrols found the white Audi on Glen Osmond Road around 12.30 am on Monday early morning where a scan exposed the car had been stolen. Officers lost […]


    Parents should help kids buy a safer car to reduce road toll, says minister

    Parents assisting their kids purchase a first vehicle must be spending that “little bit more” to ensure the car has at least some present safety functions, the federal transport minister has alerted, speaking against the backdrop of a sharp spike in road fatalities, particularly among the young. Explaining the deaths of over 1200 individuals on […]

    30 year old woman dies after getting struck by a car in Bruce Highway, Queensland, Australia.

    30 year old woman dies after getting struck by car on Bruce Highway

    Southbound lanes of the Bruce Highway close to Caboolture have been resumed after a fatal accident on Monday morning. A cops spokesperson stated traffic is not too heavy, and must bounce go back to normal shortly. The highway was closed near the Caboolture exit after the accident, which occurred about 4am early morning on Monday. […]

    Car having Christmas gifts stolen in Melbourne

    Car with Christmas gifts stolen in Melbourne

    A car having lots of Christmas presents was stolen from a home located in Melbourne’s north-east on Christmas Day. The black Jeep Grand Cherokee had been parked in the driveway of a Doreen property on Sunday when it was stolen by an unidentified culprit around 3.30 pm. The owner of the automobile, Ashley Garraway, had […]

    police van damaged australia

    Over 100 police cars rammed in a year, and 14 officers injured

    Fourteen officers were injured in over 100 police car rams in a new style of violation that has sky-rocketed throughout Victoria, Australia, cops state. Victoria Police statistics show rammings have increased from just over 30 in the 2013-14 to 103 in 2015-16. From July 1 this year, there have been another 51 police cars rammed. […]


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