October 31, 2020

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    The Karma, Fisker’s environment-friendly hybrid sports sedan, can’t be called an ugly car, but is hard to believe that it could reach “Veyron levels of performance.” Well, that’s exactly what Henrik Fisker recently supported during an interview with British weekly magazine Autocar.

    Henrik Fisker, company boss said a multi-speed gearbox, if reliably mated to an electric motor, could significantly improve acceleration and performance of cars, and here also the new Karma luxury saloon it’s included.

    Maybe you’re asking how a reliable multi-speed gearbox could offer electric-powered vehicles a huge boost in performance. Well, despite all the torque being readily available, an electric-vehicle’s performance is currently limited by having a single forward gear. Henrik Fisker says that the problem is reliability.

    Initially, Tesla trialled a two-speed gearbox on its Roadster but abandoned the plan because of reliability problems.

    However, Fisker believes it has a solution. Henrik Fisker said, “With the torque at the wheels increased by the use of a gearbox, Veyron levels of performance should be possible.”

    Until further details you can watch some pictures of this car in the photo gallery below.

    Source: Autocar via Carscoop

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